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why we exist
Tomorrow's world understands security. We hold ourselves accountable to helping you get there.


Before we started, cybersecurity felt like building walls higher and higher using less each time, while threats kept getting more dangerous, expensive, and out of control. From where we stood, the traditional approach to cybersecurity as just another cost centre felt so limiting, outdated, and unnecessary.

We wanted to help others see the creativity, solutions focus and empowerment that comes from this industry. Where AI becomes a trusted partner automating tasks and working on a massive scale, allowing human expertise to focus on strategic foresight. Where security becomes measurable, an asset that fuels growth and innovation.

Today's interconnected world needs ambitious solutions. Leveraging the power of AI and fostering genuine human-machine collaboration, we can help anyone find real, tangible benefits from security economics, and redefine what cybersecurity means for a safer, more secure tomorrow.

Cyberfame's mission
We want to secure the open source software supply chain, and foster a culture where everyone can be innovative.

LEadership TeaM

The team behind the platform

Tobias Heldt
Founder & Product Owner
Andrew Yevstratiev
Full Stack Engineer
Chinenye Dike
Senior Frontend Developer
Aleksandr Shabanov
Fullstack developer
Maria Tarbaieva
Lead product designer
Egle Pernare
Art director

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