Helping every security workflow integrate

Cyberfame is stack-agnostic and supports on-premise, air-gapped LLM deployments. Wherever you are with your SOAR, we'll help you get further.

Software supply chain attacks up 742% year on year

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Cyberfame scans, maps, rates and prioritises fixes for all dependencies across your repositories.

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Failing to meet new compliance rules increases risk

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We help you scale your compliance policies with collaborative dialogues across your organisation.

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Triaging false alarms costs valuable time and money

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Cyberfame’s AI filters the most critical threats, helping you focus your security efforts where it’s needed.

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integrating with you

What does our collaboration look like?

Integrate easily with what you use

Whatever tools your team use today for security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR), we help you integrate with Cyberfame so they're always synced, secure, and hassle-free.

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Level standards for levelled up security

From security start-outs to legacied organisations, Cyberfame encourages holistic standardisation and best practices across an entire security profile, wherever we come into your security journey.

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Active, agile, and automatic

Cyberfame takes on all your existing policy, compliance, specs, issues and log files, and adds rocket-fuelled AI to automate things, covering any missing gaps in your organisation's network.

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A team of experts to support you

The people behind Cyberfame come from every corner of the tech and business world, and we've helped implement and evolve culture shifts wherever we've been. We'll get it done.

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integrate your ecosystem

Cyberfame works with every component in your stack, whatever your workflow

Not every journey starts out the same

Planning, implementing, evaluating and evolving organisational security isn't a one-size-fits-all. But the tech you use can be. Shifting security earlier and evolving fast through stronger foundations is possible no matter what your business looks like. That's the core of Cyberfame.

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What do security experts think?

How we’re already helping

With growing regulatory pressures, tools like Cyberfame are becoming indispensable for organizations.

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Dustin B.

Snr. Systems Engineer

Incredibly transparent and intuitive. Security tools can't be any easier.

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Wolfgang S.

Director, Broadcast Tech / Dolby Labs

Impressed by the large number of security criteria. Quick, clean and easy to use. Incentivising and visualizing throughout the organizations is an important aspect of Security today.

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Chris R.

Inventor, Maintainer

An essential tool for any project's CI/CD.

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Nishant D.

The graph clarity transforms complex security problems into understandable solutions for clients and non-technical staff alike.

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Jack Smith

Engineering Lead

Cyberfame makes the complex world of security scalable and comprehensible, covering complex aspects easy to understand for humans.

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IT Admin


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