Fixing priorities with AI-powered assistance

Cyberfame’s AI hunts threats faster and sharper, keyed in to the latest best practices and integrating with your communication channels.

AI's future

Behind the trend, using more AI puts a heavier burden on governance, manual labour and existing infrastructure

No experts

To help strategise implementation and integration, and know of the newest risks and best practices.

Privacy issues

With using LLMs and AI in your current workflow, including your consumers’ legally protected data.

Ethical needs

Your company’s data is exposed, open and vulnerable by models that require that data to learn without supervision.

No oversight

Limited budgets and stretched staffing puts more pressure on organisations looking to leverage AI.

our approach

Human expertise, AI ingenuity

We’ve designed multi-agent AI to cover every security specialty. Up to date, fine-tuned and adapting to your organisation.

Always available, never intrusive. Our AI agents provide chat assistance in your developers' workflows whenever they're needed..

Everything’s trained on the most recent threats, vectors and vulnerabilities from leading vulnerability sources.

Security at scale becomes easier, removing costly manual effort and encouraging proactive threat detection.

Our AI puts your risk profile, compliance standards, security posture and strategy first, without bias.

map & audit

Dynamic knowledge graphs

Audit all your open source dependencies with knowledge graphs for tens of thousands of components. That’s more than any threat actor can ever see.

dynamic sboms

Future-proof supply chains

Smart, dynamic SBOMs help bring your policies forward in your development process, staying compliant with global standards like the EO14028 and Cyber Resilience Act.

data deep dive

Ingest dependency data

Every open source library, component and asset gets automatically rated for a large set of security and compliance criteria, visualised and easy to zoom in across even the most complex software supply chains.

identify critical risk

Isolate the top 1%

Focus your team’s resources on the most critical dependencies. Spot the most severe, direct and transitive risks of CVEs, critical dependencies and compromised accounts, wherever they hide in your supply chain.

fix & remedy

Scale security reviews with AI

Our AI agents automate and schedule the CI/CD analysis, policy work and planning of dependency security. They work at scale across hundreds of repositories and thousands of dependencies.


Automate manual labour

Manual threat intelligence and the assessment, prioritisation and resolution of vulnerabilities can take thousands of engineering hours. Our AI agents let you take that time back.

Circle with blurry outer circle icon

Hyper-focused security AI for every dependency in your supply chain.

What do security experts think?

How we’re already helping

With growing regulatory pressures, tools like Cyberfame are becoming indispensable for organizations.

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Dustin B.

Snr. Systems Engineer

Incredibly transparent and intuitive. Security tools can't be any easier.

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Wolfgang S.

Director, Broadcast Tech / Dolby Labs

Impressed by the large number of security criteria. Quick, clean and easy to use. Incentivising and visualizing throughout the organizations is an important aspect of Security today.

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Chris R.

Inventor, Maintainer

An essential tool for any project's CI/CD.

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Nishant D.

The graph clarity transforms complex security problems into understandable solutions for clients and non-technical staff alike.

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Jack Smith

Engineering Lead

Cyberfame makes the complex world of security scalable and comprehensible, covering complex aspects easy to understand for humans.

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IT Admin


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