What is the real cost of manual cyber- security?

Empower Your entire Org with Self-Learning Cyber-Security -- starting from your Supply Chain.

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Requirement & Assessment

Streamline your security policies with Cyberfame’s self-Bespoke Knowledge Graphs. Self-Learning AI Agents transform problems of the past into compliance and audit value of tomorrow.

2.STRATEGISE & Implement

Planning & Policy Formulation

Accelerate policy formulation and distribution by up to 79%. Unifiy and Accelerate Policy Formulation and Engage your entire organization in security dialogues, driving swift, strategic adoption & change.


Harmonize and Integrate your SOAR

Seamlessly embed your SIEM, SOC, SAST and DAST  enriching your AI's learning curve from inception.Swtiftly Integrate with your CI/CD, Messaging, PM and Knowledge-Base Stack.

4.Maximize Productivity

Optimized Coding and Security Workflows

Liberate up to 30% of your and engineers’ time for innovation, enhancing both productivity and security posture.


AI-Powered Testing & Monitoring

Stay ready with continous AI-dialogue for scenario planning, attack trees, threat models, threat stories, playbooks, and guided inception.


Operate, Review & Maintenance

Stay ahead of evolving cybersecurity standards with automated, AI-driven policy adjustments and early-adopter nudging.

Secure your supply chain today to have alert free tomorrow


How does it streamline your security?

Intelligent scanning lets you audit open source repositories or organisations to uncover vulnerabilities, and build your ecosystem.

Visualise your entire software network graphed out, zooming in on every connection and dependency.

Security ratings are based on any code vulnerabilities, maintenance, continuous testing, source and build risk assessment.

Our AI suggests proactive measures to address vulnerabilities that fit your strategies and policies.


A New Dawn for Software Security


Reduction in False positives and CVEs


Staff hours saved in threat modeling, security reporting, triage, compliance.

64 %

Faster adoption by turning your policies into a dialogue of change


Visibility across your entire Supply Network - beyond direct dependencies.

Hear What the Security Experts Say

Real Success Stories with Cyberfame

With growing regulatory pressures, tools like Cyberfame are becoming indispensable for organizations.

Dustin B.

Snr. Systems Engineer

Incredibly transparent and intuitive. Security tools can't be any easier.

Wolfgang S.


Impressed by the large number of security criteria. Quick, clean and easy to use. Incentivising and visualizing throughout the organizations is an important aspect of Security today.

Chris R.


An essential tool for any project's CI/CD.

Nishant D.

The graph clarity transforms complex security problems into understandable solutions for clients and non-technical staff alike.

Jack Smith

Engineering Lead

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Jack Smith

Engineering Lead


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